Arts for Conflict Resolution

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ACR: "Arts for Conflict Resolution (3-10 June 2016) N.Epidavros, Greece with the support of the European Youth Foundation.

The purpose of ACR is to explore the theoretical bases and practical use of arts and more specifically drama and theater in conflict resolution and conflict transformation. Art has the potential to open insights and avenues for learning for conflict transformation that the didactic presentation of information often cannot. Through drama, one can readily approach the precise problems that can lock people in conflict - intolerance, the inability to perceive an adversary's point of view, and the blindness to one's own contributions to antagonism.


Aim & Objectives:

The aim thus ACR is "to provide the space and skills for individuals and communities to respond to conflict, in all its forms and in all levels of society, in a creative and redemptive way that reaffirms the sanctity of human life." In this respect, the objectives of the Training are twofold: to advance the principles of conflict resolution education, and to help develop conflict resolution education programs within arts-based youth programs.

ACR seeks a bottom-up approach to conflict resolution by helping its "spect-actors" to recognize and name the forces that shackle them in ways that help participants to recognize the personal and community strengths they do have to create positive responses. Through their involvement in ACR participants can discern and build on foundations for dialogue and tolerance.

Arts-based organizations benefit from such training by being able to provide youth with a program that helps build self-respect, respect of differences, and social responsibility, while also providing them skills and processes that help peacefully manage conflicts. Arts organizations already lay a foundation for peaceful conflict resolution by creating a safe environment that encourages the active and open expression of ideas. This Training seeks to build on this foundation by providing arts-based programs a collaborative framework to resolve conflicts peaceably. . Use of art and theatre as shape of participation gone towards the social life The art serves as glue in the social cloth, it is a cloak that unites several personalities inside a community.


The idea is that we emphasize in the utilization of the artistic tool like connection between several individuals, and for the development of a social conscience and participation in the choices of the community, especially for the youth who very often are excluded from the "political"choices or that absolutely they it are frightened or they don’t feel themselves directly involved. To participate means to be a part of an open community that

grows and is defined like collective and shared construction, in which they all are duties bearers, rights and knowledge and here the theater enters into game once more that in his several fields, the theater of the oppressed one sees itself, it can develop this sense of belonging to the political and social life of the community.


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