Greek Odysseuses

Wednesday, Jan 23 2266

The “Greek Odysseuses” is an informal group of young people, coordinators of which are 4 members under 28 years old, with gender balance and age diversity. We are students or graduates of higher education faculties in the areas of finance, engineering, literature and medicine. 
We expand and act in the regions of West and Central Macedonia and in particular, the areas of Kozani and Thessaloniki.
Our common interests regarding:
a) the acquisition of new experiences that broaden our intellectual horizons,
b) the organization of activities and local scale initiatives with a view to inform citizens, especially young people, about social problems, personal and business development issues as well as issues relating to health, fitness and wellness, and finally
c) travelling and acquainting with the traditions and culture of each region, have led to the creation of this informal group that is voluntarily working 
to promote and support:
- Multiculturalism
- Gender equality
- European identity and consciousness
- Integration of marginalized people in the society, especially young people with fewer opportunities
- Awareness of young people regarding health, fitness and wellness
- Active participation of citizens and especially of young people, and finally
- Professional and business initiatives of young people.

We have already successfully implemented a Y.E. of 40 participants in July of 2017 in Greece focused on Smoking and on youth awareness about it, while we were partners on youth exchange in Estonia on youth awareness about Alcoholism and abuse of alcohol consumption in 2018. At that period of time, we coordinate a Transnational Youth Initiative on Mindfulness, Leadership and Community building for young people.

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